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      – One important thing to remember is a 3D object should be composed of watertight manifold volume parts.

      – Please, check if your 3D model could have loose faces or unweeding edges and verts.

      – When you are modeling remember to not use one dimensional planes, shells or extruded edges, double-sided faces, self-intersecting faces, open-faced holes, unwelded verts or edges. Always the modelling software has automatic tools that ensures your model is watertight.

      – When designing the model, please, keep in mind your build area or the building plate.

      – Clever layout in your build area can help you get larger prints.

      – Remember the diagonal space from top to bottom in your build area will give you the longest build size of your printer.

      – If you model a 3D object using Boolean functions available in your modeling software will save you material.

      – Remove the primitive elements in the 3D models. These are basic geometrical shapes. They include: spheres, cubes and boxes, toroids, cylinders, and pyramids.

      – Try to avoid 90 degrees corners in your design, especially when pieces are required to resist loads. Try to round or chamfer those corners.

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